Gabrielle Nykol (lilgabbymac) wrote in strange_events,
Gabrielle Nykol


For the first time in years I saw some shit that wasn’t really there.  I was a passenger in my girlfriend’s car the other night when saw this dude from the other side of the street start to j-walk.  I watched him step off the curb and in front of a car in the opposite and oncoming lane next to us.  It was close but he made it to the median without too much threat of getting hit. I figured once he made it to the median he’d stop and wait for our car, since there was no way he would make it across the street.  Nope, he just stayed in stride and stepped of in front of our car. I Managed to get out a horrified and breathy “Oh, Fuu…) when the headlights of the oncoming car hit him just right and I realized I could see though his legs.

Snow wanted to know what I had just freaked out about and when I explained it to her she was all, “Holy shit, did you just see a ghost!? Did you just see a fuckin ghost?!”

Then two days later I saw what appeared to be Snow’s aura, again something I use to see all the time, but not in many years.

Ok, I’m not saying ghost, but I’ve seen shit like that many times before through my teens and into my twenties.  It more likely some strange side effect of life long insomnia, but it’s freakin weird.

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