::ambience:: (xambiencex) wrote in strange_events,

creepy picture

I took this picture of my friend/ex-bf about 4 years ago at his old house. I was recently going through some old photos and I'd always thought this was a nice photo so I began to study it... the shadow and light from and artistic standpoint & whatnot. I then noticed that something wasn't right...

the whole picture

the face enlarged


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sorry don't see it.. I see something sitting on a shelf but maybe its just me
Looks like a mirror smudge to me.. I could be wrong..but it shows up in a lot of my pictures as well.
very interesting picture for sure.
not sure about the part you have marked..... but it does look strange.
I thought it was a smudge at first too, but I can see an eye to the left of it. Freaky!