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New Member: Here's My Story

Halloween is my favourite time of year. Absolutely. Positively. I so totally geek out at this time of the year.
October is my favourite month of the year because so much cool stuff leads up to ahhhh, October 31st!

Oh, for my new friends. I grew up in a haunted house. And my parents built a new house in 1982 on haunted land and it, too became haunted. Almost overnight. I'll give details later.

Where I lived in Frederick Maryland was extremely haunted. I lived in downtown Frederick, which is over 250 years old and our house was built in about 1812 on the footprint of one built in the 1700's. While the house was not haunted itself, the old slave graveyard on the street behind us sure as hell was. And we lived one block away from the cemetery where Francis Scott Key, the writer of the National Anthem was buried. You go there are you will notice that all the trees in that cemetery all have their lower branches leaning way down, as if a force is pulling them all down. My daughter had a picture made in front of the gates of that cemetery and a white orb appears over the guy to the farthest left of the picture. I'll have to get her to print out those pictures. It's on a digital camera.
My daughter, who is a Scorpio, has a talent for cryptophotography: the art of catching ghosts on camera.

Frederick was the oasis, the centre where the Civil War happened all around the city. But because it was ransomed by the Confederate Army, it was not blown up. But all sorts of battles happened around it: South Mountain, Monacacy, Antietam, and 25 miles north, Gettysburg.

Frederick was a hospital zone for many of those battles. So the buildings that formed the temporary hospital are all haunted. And that includes spillover to some of the antique malls. Frederick has a ghost walk that is almost as intense as the one in Gettysburg.

As for Hamilton. Well, the building where my husband works, Hamilton Place, is haunted. I think I mentioned before but I'll mention it again that when the theatre first opened, there was a wrestler who won a fight but one of the supporters of the other guy didn't care much for his win, so as he was going out the front doors, he clubbed him to death with a weight.

Ron took me to the front area and I stopped right on a spot between the first and second pillar.
I said "he was killed here, wasn't he?"
He was in a hurry and didn't want to talk about it. But Hamilton Place is on the ghost walk.

I have taken pictures of many of the haunted houses in Hamilton. I also have pictures of my parents haunted house in Indianapolis. The one that was built in 1982.

What I have learned in living in old houses and new ones is that:
Old houses are not always haunted.
New Houses are not immune from being haunted.

The old house where I grew up in is bulldozed. But that's okay. I would never want to visit that place again.
Interestingly enough, the people who bought my parents house built in 1982 put it up on the market just two years later.

Also interesting is that the house my parents build in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 1999 is already haunted.
My daughter stayed there a couple of years ago and saw an orb pass through the window and go through the closet.
Shepherdstown served as a hospital town for the battle of Antietam which happened in nearby Sharpsburg.
My mom keeps insisting on putting these magnetic induction stoves in her kitchen and nothing attracts ghosts like magnetism. She asked me if I wanted to put one in my kitchen when I lived in Frederick, Maryland.

I said "no freaking way."

Guess where all the ghosts concentrated in that house built in 1982? The kitchen.

That kitchen freaked me out. When it was quiet, I used to hear scooting across the floor which sounded like somebody in mocassins. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and see the lights on. I would make tea on the stove and it would shut off by itself. Light bulbs burnt out in days. Mom went in when they had moved all their stuff out and heard a mother and child talking—in the kitchen.
The woods beside the house was a dwelling for Native Americans. The ghosts weren't menacing. Just curious.
Interestingly enough, my mother is also a Scorpio and very psychic.

I'm a Cancer, and I'm also very psychic. And so is my son, also a Cancer. He's just not as reconciled to it as the rest of us. My sister, who is also a Scorpio, seems blocked to it. My husband a Pisces, is also Psychic but has to block it all out to avoid being a conduit. A conduit is a person who would become a ghost magnet if they wished to. Ever see the movie Ghost? The Whoopie Goldberg character becomes a conduit after she discovers she has genuine powers. (Related term: channeler. A conduit who actually speaks for the ghosts.)

I saw the movie White Noise. While I thought it was Hollywood nonsense, I have heard the voices of ghosts captured on tape. Called EVP (Electromagnetic Voice Phenomena). It's a very freaky sensation.

Pictures and more stories coming.
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