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ghost story

This is about my first encounter with a ghost. First of all, how does it exactly feel to have them up close and personal. For my part, it was the strangest thing that happened to me during my internship as a student teacher in a secondary school (high school).
When I first got to the public school, I noticed that it is set on what used to be a grassland and inside a subdivision. All that entered my mind was, how serene and rural the place is. It had four school buildings and my classroom is the third classroom on the second floor of  the second building. It didn't occur to me that anything would happen.
Weeks rolled by until December came and I noticed my first period students were complaining of how the room smelled. They started complaining about someone stepping on something smelling as bad as rotten meat or garbage. At first, I had them check their shoes at the door. However, when nearly every student from the succeeding classes complained, I had the strangest feeling that something was about to happen.
When lunchbreak came, I decided to stay behind to give the room a good cleaning. But there was nothing that smelled the way the students said. Finally, I sat down to eat lunch while checking papers on  the teacher's table in the front of the classroom. That was then that I found myself looking at one of the armchairs in the back row. I thought it was a trick of light making me see a tall male student with his bent head towards what he is reading. Then I realized that I can see the backrest of the chair through him! When some of my students returned, the questions started rolling out my mouth. Until I got to the part of asking if they had known a student of that classroom who died early. That was when they told me of one who was robbed and knifed in the past year. The student died and his killer was never brought to justice. He had been putting himself through school and hoped to get a high school diploma. The whole time, I was looking at the ghost and he was looking at me. 
Then my students showed me the one class picture he was in. 
It was him...and that day was his first year death anniversary.
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