Gabrielle Nykol (lilgabbymac) wrote in strange_events,
Gabrielle Nykol

Sleep paralysis or something else?


Hi everyone,

My question could very easily become long winded, so I will try and keep it as breif as possible.

Currently I am 30 years old, since I was very young I have been experiencing a strange little occourance right after I wake up from sleep. Occationally I will wake up and there are people in my room.

Once it was a young girl who ran through the room and said "hear, catch!" and threw a ball at me. The girl and the ball vanished as I was closing my hand around the ball to cathc it.

Once there were people ball roon dancing threw my room. Dress in Victorian style clothing. ( I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, middle of the United States) One would not expect to see this here in our present or our past.

There have been many others but the most recent occurance is what is making me seek some kind of answers. I have been told before that what I am experiencing is sleep paralysis, but with the exception of seeing things after waking up there are not other characteristics of the disorder. I am not paralised when I wake up, I do not have a sence of dread, nor have I ever woken up paralised and scared and nothing has been in my room. (ok, I hope that made sense),I have bad insomnia on and off so I have been told that I am hallusinating,I have been told that it is my immagination, and I have been told that it is ghosts or something supernatural at the very least.

The night of the most recent occurance I kept waking up because of an ongoing dream about a girl who was violently attacked and left for dead. In the dream she was my best friend, but I (in real life) don't know this girl, and the life I was living in this dream was not the one I am living right now. In the dream I was the one who had found her after she had been attacked, The violence of the attack disturbed me so badly I woke up. But only long enough to fall back asleep and continue the dream.

After about the seventh time I woke up and had come to the conclusion of the dream, a girl was sitting on the stair case in my room. She was not clear enough to make out identification, but I could tell she was a girl in a white dress, long hair, and light skin. I sat up on the edge of my bead trying to get the horrible images of the dream from my mind. I got up and walked passed her so I could get a drink of water. She never move or said anything, but she staied with me until I was awake enough that I would not fall back to sleep and have the dream again. She was with me for about 5 minutes give or take. I watched her form fade into a greenish light and the light shrink into a small dot into the middle of her chest area and then it was gone.

well that's my story.

What I want is educated opinions. If you think it is just me please say so, if you think it is something else i would like to hear that as well.


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